How to create facebook cover video in powerpoint

Facebook Cover video

Facebook already introduced Facebook Page Cover video feature. In this article I will show you how to create simple Facebook page cover video in PowerPoint.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Video format should Mp4
  2. Minimum dimension 820×312 pixels, but facebook recommends 820×462
  3. Duration  should be 20-90 seconds.

PowerPoint Slide Size:

First select any a blank slide in power point. Here is the main trick. You have to change the slide size. First go to View then go to Slide Master. You can see Slide Size option. Click on it. Then Select Custom Slide Size. A new window will be appeared.

If your video size is 820X312 pixels then enter 11.68 cm into width and 4.45 cm into height text box. After adjust the slide size, you can use your basic skill to design your presentation. Keep in mind your presentation duration must be in between 20 to 90 seconds.

After all done, select File and the select Export option. You will see an option at the right hand side i.e Create a video. Just click on it, and save it to any location in your hard drive. Go to your Facebook page. Move your mouse on cover area, you will see an upload option. Click on it and select Upload Photo/Video. Select your video file and you are done.

I have created a video for that You can watch my video below.