Firefox, ad blocking filter function introduced in the year


Mozilla will follow Google in the fall with support for ad filters by default. Mozilla released its 2018 roadmap last week and announced the plan.

Now published online documents in Firefox and Firefox road map representative Mozilla product manager Asa Tochigi Toulon “The next year, Sir Firefox will block the content that bad quality judgment against the Web technology to access user information, such as tracking, intrusive advertising and personal We will provide various protection measures and communicate with the privacy of our customers. ”

Dozier explained roughly the filtering of Firefox before the end of the third quarter. Firefox adds the ability to “filter out certain ad types by default,” and Mozilla is “currently investigating the types of ads that will be blocked.”

Tochier’s description basically coincides with the ad filtering system that was added to Chrome in February. Like Mozilla, Google has added more than a simple blocking program that categorizes all online ads on website pages. It is not yet clear what Mozilla will use for the ad selection criteria.

As Mozilla schedules to follow the roadmap, the ad filtering feature will be available at Firefox 62 on August 21 and Firefox 63 on October 15.

Another roadmap leads to APIs for extension development, alert notifications, and autoplay video content blocking.

Features such as alert notifications and auto-play video interception work to keep track of data spikes and identify sites that are increasingly rooted. At the end of the process, Firefox notifies the user to change their password because the login credentials may have been compromised.

Video auto-play prevention is a feature added by many browsers to protect and manage users and differentiate them from competitors. Chrome also released version 66 based on the principle of automatic playback prohibition.

In addition, Mozilla plans to make an effort to regain its reputation for a diverse and easy-to-use extension program. Mozilla’s reputation as an extension has been compromised by developers requiring a modernized extension of the framework to enhance browser stability and vulnerability in Firefox 57 in November 2017. Dozier said the roadmap will include a browser telemetry index that recommends extensions and extensible APIs to help developers create more sophisticated applets.