Php Friendship Dare2.0 Script

Here is the brand new Php Friendship Dare 2.0. Previous version has lots of limitation regarding creating questions, no of question show when user create question etc. In this version I have added all the features.

Add on scripts which is included with this package :

  1. Php friendship Dare 2.0
  2. Secret Wall
  3. Love Calculator
  4. Which Cartoon Character you are
  5. Who loves you most?
  6. Friendship Calculator.

You can see the demo of that script from here

Demo link –

In who loves you the most script, you can add more options from the admin panel. Like this script you can also add cartoon character image with with it’s name from cpanel

Dare 2.0 features

  1. Admin can create questions from admin panel. Questions are three types i.e text, objective and image. Objective and image types both are same, only difference is in objective type you can add text option. In case of image, you can add text and image.
  2. Pre defined questions and its answer can be deleted from admin panel.
  3. Admin can select if user can delete their quiz.
  4. User can create a quiz by two options i.e from predefined questions or from create his/her own question.
  5. Admin can also turn on/off above features from admin panel i.e if admin don’t want that user cant create their question, so he/she can easily turn of the features from admin panel.

How to install this script?

This script is domain-specific. Means you can’t install it to a different domain. After purchased mail me with your name, mobile number, domain name where you want to install the script and email address. I will provide a unique installation key. Keep in mind, you cant install it to localhost. Suppose you have purchased the script for the domain “” or “”, you can’t install to other domain with the same installation key. From the below video you can get the idea of how to install the script.

How to purchase the script?

Currently, I don’t support Instamojo. You have to directly call me if you want to purchase. My mobile no is 8250869991 or you can mail me at [email protected]. After verify please mail me from your registered email address with the details what I have mentioned above. The cost of the script is Rs.500.

Outside India, if anyone purchase this script, I can only support PayPal. First mail me and mentioned Dare2.0 in subject. I will give you the PayPal details. After verify I will give you the direct download link of the script.

How to get support regarding installation?

If you face any problem regarding installation or if there is any bug, please feel free to contact me directly. I will recommend call me instead of mail. Because I can give you fast support. If you make double payment by mistake, I will refund the next amount. After purchase, if you call me regarding refund, I would not refund you. So see the demo before purchase.