(e) no longer wants short links


Link shortcuts on the internet have a few useful properties, but apparently according to Google their times are rightly gone.


It is not surprising, therefore, that at some point, fashion for shortcuts developed, which addresses of this type to a simple, multi-letter address. I have used this type of solutions at least since 2004, and a bit late – because in 2009 – even the Google itself started its shortcut.

The most common and probably the most advanced service of this type – at least according to my observations – is Here is the second advantage of such a solution, namely the ability to control the number of clicks from a given source. In this way, for example, by inserting a link to an article in the form of an abbreviated version of ( also has such a function, but less advanced), we are able to track how many people came to our site even from a specific article, from Facebook or from Twitter. Of course, Google Analytics type statistics do the same, but, however, link shortcuts give a little more clarity and control.

Google closes

Meanwhile, Google no longer wants to develop its service, which in fact never achieved some exaggerated popularity, but on the other hand it is also difficult to say that it significantly encumbered the giant’s resources – I used it, although it is getting less and less every year.

The service blanking process will start in mid-April, although the most active users of the site, who from their registered Google accounts sometimes create shortcuts there (for example I), will be able to use it until the end of March 2019. Similarly, the case will be with programmers who used the shortener in their infrastructure.

The reason for closing the service is the way in recent years the nature of web links changes, profiling or the fact that the Internet for each of us becomes a bit different. According to Google, thanks to Firebase Dynamic Links, a single link can lead to completely different websites depending on whether you browse the internet on a PC or smartphone. For consolation, the giant recommends and for us.