Robo-insects will help to overcome the problem of hunger in the world


Walmart, one of the largest chain stores in the world, wants to provide its customers with better quality products and fight hunger. The giant intends to implement his breakneck plan with the help of flying pollinating robots.

It isn’t a mystery that the total populace of honey bees is contracting at a disturbing rate, and the impact it has on pesticides and the thoughtless misuse of Mother Nature by mankind. Be that as it may, simulated creepy crawlies worked in labs can be a salvation.

Walmart has already filed a patent application for drones-bees. According to the project, they would have several ways to collect pollen and pollinate plants. Special robo-bees are also planned, which will observe fields and workers, and then transfer data to the monitoring center.

The American chain of stores has its own arable fields. It is on them that he wants to use flying robots. With their help, scientists want to increase crop productivity, which will translate into providing customers with products of even higher quality.

This project is also expected to have a positive impact on the significant reduction in food waste, as higher quality equals more interest. At least that’s what the giant’s representatives say.

We will see. May Walmart succeed in realizing her crazy vision and that she would bring the world a better future.